Data Images


A Data image is created with data collected with Teledyne Marine Equipment. The data processing software is free of choice but the hardware used for data collection should be from one of the Teledyne Marine brands.

The images below was submitted to our 2016 contest.


Contest Ended


Coral Outcrops as imaged on a survey line turn while performing a MBES survey offshore East Coast, Trinidad & Tobago.

Author : ZJ_OSL
24 Votes

Larssen wall and sunken car. Reson Seabat T20-P data, acquired in Port of Świnoujście, Poland.

Author : Marek Szatan
1056 Votes

Wreck of Polish Navy destroyer, sunk in 3 september 1939 close to Hel Penisula

Author : Jacek
674 Votes

Wall and problems

Author : merem
23 Votes

Recovery of a Genuine Rolex Watch that was dropped over the side of a vessel in 1100m of water, located 12hours later and returned to the very grateful but embarrassed OM.

Author : AndyDack
29 Votes

The Material Service Barge. Sank in 1936 in a storm in Lake Michigan. Collins Engineers, Inc. provided 3-D imaging services to Indiana Department of Natural Resources: Coastal Protection Program to get a better understanding of wreck’s position and condition on

Author : competition
261 Votes

A young loggerhead sea turtle is resting on the bottom at 50 meters.

See video

Author : sheamiller
13 Votes

A barge and a tugboat sunk in the Caribbean

Author : hidroproyectos
168 Votes

OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) of bathymetry surface displayed by Portal for ArcGIS.

Author : kama_yus
28 Votes