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The Old City Port – Dubrovnik

the old city port dubrovnik

Old Port Dubrovnik is located at the Eastern part of the City. The port is encompassed by two breakwaters: breakwater Porporela in front of St. John fortress and Kaše breakwater going perpendicular across the port bay. Kaše was built in the 15th century providing additional protection for the ships in the port. Before the breakwater was built a chain had been put up in the evenings between the St John fortress and the St. Luke fortress to protect the port from enemy vessels. The breakwater provided also additional protection from the enemy as the chain was now put on a much shorter distance, between the St. John fortress and the breakwater.Today the port is a safe haven for many private boats of local citizens.

Additional Information

Where was the image taken?: City of Dubrovnik, Croatia
When was the image taken ? : 09/2017
Which Teledyne Equipment is used ?: Teledyne RESON T20-P
Teledyne Marine Brand: -RESON
First Name: Matej
Last Name: Curic
Company: GEOmar
Country: -Croatia



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