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Seaspider Deployment

seaspider deployment

Deployment of a Seaspider with a Sentinel V50 for measuring internal waves on the California Coast. The seaspider has a ground line to a surface float, and a pop-up buoy as a backup. Also attached is an OSU GusT. The bottom mount was deployed off the Reasearch Vessel Sally Ride in the fall of 2017. We used a gravity release to successfully lower the instrument to the surface to enabling a proper upright deployment.

Additional Information

Where was the image taken?: Central California Coast
When was the image taken ? : September 2017
Which Teledyne Equipment is used ?: A Teledyne RDI Sentinel V50 with external battery pack, on a Teledyne Oceanscience Sea Spider, Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Release and Pop-up Buoy
Teledyne Marine Brand: -RD-INSTRUMENTS
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Chua
Company: Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Country: -United-States



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