Seagrass mapping

seagrass mapping

a zoom from a survey area located in gabes gulf in Tunisia at deapth 22.5 m, using Benthos C3D with Triton imaging (ISYS)

Additional Information

Where was the image taken / the data collected ?: Est of Kerkennah island
When was image taken / the data collected ? : june 2010
Which Teledyne Equipment is used ?: Benthos C3D with Triton imagging (Isys)
Which processing software was used ? -Only data images and videos: Triton Imaging
Tell us more about the survey and the data proccessing - Only data images and videos: Seagrass mapping of the gulf of gabes, from Libyan borders (southern limit of the syrvey) to La chebba (northern limit), from the shore till 50 m depth.
Author : karim



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