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MV Bahuga Jaya Shipwreck

mv bahuga jaya shipwreck

The first MBES survey conducted on MV Bahuga Jaya in Sunda Strait. The sank in 2012 after colliding with Nort Gas Canthika Tanker when shipping from the port of Merak in West Java to Bakauheni port in Sumatra. The ship wreck around 5.5 Nm to the east of the Bakauheni port in Sumatra Island. The water depth about 77m.

Additional Information

Where was the image taken?: Sunda Strait in Indonesia
When was the image taken ? : November 27, 2017
Which Teledyne Equipment is used ?: MBES Teledyne Hydrosweep DS which is hull mounted in RV Baruna Jaya I
Teledyne Marine Brand: -TELEDYNE-PDS
First Name: Dwi
Last Name: Haryanto
Company: Technology Center for Marine Survey - BPPT
Country: -Indonesia



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