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Mobile ADCP survey in most treacherous waters of Indonesia (and the world?)

mobile adcp survey in most treacherous waters of indonesia and the world

After a last minute change of the scope of work, we had to use a Workhorse Sentinel mounted on a vessel (a Monitor or a Mariner would have been much better) to survey some of the fastest currents of Indonesia (close to 6m/s).

We added a plate to break down the Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV) associated with the long cylindrical shape of the Sentinel body. Quick and dirty, but worked perfectly even at 12 knots.

Additional Information

Where was the image taken?: Sape Strait, Indonesia
When was the image taken ? : July 19th, 2018
Which Teledyne Equipment is used ?: Teledyne RDI Workhorse Sentinel 300kHz with bottom tracking firmware
Teledyne Marine Brand: -RD-INSTRUMENTS
First Name: Eloi
Last Name: Droniou
Company: DynamOcean
Country: -France



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