HOT Science!

This video is a short compilation of footage from a number of Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) research cruises aboard the R/V Kilo Moana in 2016, interspersed with textual information about the HOT program. HOT cruises entail numerous CTD casts, underway temperature, salinity, and ADCP current measurements, optics and net tows, and the deployment of a number of drifting instruments and assets.

Additional Information

Where was the image taken / the data collected ?: Station ALOHA, north of Hawaii (22° 45' N 158° W)
When was image taken / the data collected ? : Throughout the 2016 field season
Which Teledyne Equipment is used ?: The R/V Kilo Moana is equipped with two underway ADCP systems which are used throughout this movie, a 38 kHz RDI Ocean Surveyor and a 300 kHz RDI Workhorse. Additionally, the ship uses a 12 kHz Benthos pinger.
Which processing software was used ? -Only data images and videos: GoPro Studio
Tell us more about the survey and the data proccessing - Only data images and videos: The Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) is a long term oceanographic research study at Station ALOHA (A Long-term Oligotrophic Habitat Assessment) 100 km north of Oahu, Hawaii. HOT scientists have been making repeated observations of the hydrography, chemistry, and biology of the water column at station ALOHA since October 1988. The objective of this research is to provide a comprehensive description of the ocean at a site representative of the North Pacific subtropical gyre. Cruises are made approximately once per month. Measurements of the thermohaline structure, water column chemistry, currents, optical properties, primary production, plankton community structure, and rates of particle export are made on each cruise.
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