Teledyne Marine Photo Contest 2018


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    1. Submit one or more images to the contest before August 15, 2018

    2. Your entry will be published in The Gallery when approved.

    3. Share your entry with the world to collect votes!

    4. The Voters Choice Award is selected by our staff from the 10 images receiving the most online votes. Winner can choose from a pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II, an Apple Watch Series 3 GPS or $300 MasterCard gift card.

    5. The Teledyne Marine Staff will hand out a $100 MasterCard Gift Card in the following category’s between all entry’s with at least 10 votes:
      - Staff Favorite Award - all around favorite photo submission
      - The Creativity Award - most creative composition, staging and/or product usage
      - The Adversity Award - the photo that shows our customers and/or products going the extra mile in the extreme environments we know you both encounter.

    6. The Thank You Award - 3 images will be randomly selected between all entry’s, receiving a $50 MasterCard Gift Card.

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Contest Ends In:
riverray s reliabilty in indonesian waters

RiverRay’s reliabilty in Indonesian waters

Successful training conducted with happy end users monitor the waters of Indonesia

launching a gavia

Launching a Gavia

We launched a Teledyne Gavia from our survey vessel Echo Explorer off the coast of Plymouth in the UK. It was tracked using a Nano beacon from Sonardyne

wreck survey

Wreck Survey

A 60 meters wreck surveyed just under the quay
15 meters depth



Gavia AUV edgetech sss Blueview gapfiller color camera 950m dive

batimetria multihaz rio valdivia chile

Batimetria MultiHaz Rio Valdivia Chile

Batimetría MultiHaz Rio Valdivia Chile

wreck survey

Wreck Survey

100 meters Wreck.
depth 15 meters.

batimetria multihaz canal kirke chile

Batimetria MultiHaz Canal Kirke Chile

Batimetría MultiHaz Canal Kirke Patagonia Chile

recovered adcp after 31 days laid on seabed in indonesian waters

Recovered ADCP after 31 days laid on seabed in Indonesian waters

Teledyne RDI Workhorse 600 ADCP has been recovered after more than a month laid on
seabed with waterdepth approximately 26m, in one of the strait with strongest and
fastest velocity’s currents up to 4500 mm/s in Indonesian waters.

long mooring deployment

Long mooring deployment

TRDI 75kHz Longranger ADCP in buoy, about to be deployed as part of a long mooring

ss rodina shipwreck

SS Rodina Shipwreck

The first MBES survey conducted on the SS Rodina in the Black Sea. She sank in 1941 after she struck a mine 4mi off the coast of Bulgaria near the town of Sozopol. She lays at depth of 36m and