Teledyne Marine Photo Contest 2018


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Contest Ended

Rules and Prizes


  • Voters Choice Award – 1 top winner is selected from the top 10 photo submissions that receive the most online votes when the contest ends.
    The winner can choose from a pair of Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones, an Apple Watch SERIES 3 GPS or $300 MasterCard Gift Card

Visit the Bose website for more information about the headphones >

Visit the Apple website for more information about the Apple Watch SERIES 3 GPS >

Staff Favorite Award - Teledyne staff will vote for their favorite photo submission*
The winner will receive a $100 MasterCard Gift Card

Creativity Award  - Teledyne staff will vote for most creative composition, staging and/or product usage*
The winner will receive a $100 MasterCard Gift Card

Adversity Award – Teledyne staff will vote for the photo that shows our customers and/or products going the extra mile in the extreme environments we know you both encounter*
The winner will receive a $100 MasterCard Gift Card

Thank You Award - Three photos will be randomly selected from all entries
The winners will each receive a $50 MasterCard Gift Card.
*Winners must receive at least 10 votes – encourage your friends and colleagues to vote!

Who can take part in the contest?

All Teledyne Marine customers and users can submit their favorite photos of Teledyne Marine products in action – in your office, in your lab, or in the field.

How exactly can I submit my images to the contest?

Go to and hit the submit button, upload the image and tell us a little about the motive. Then share your image with your friends and collogues to generate enough votes to end up in the top 10 from where the winners will be picked.

Terms and Conditions of the Teledyne Marine Photo Contest 2018

  1. Entries for the “Teledyne Marine Photo Contest 2018" must be submitted online at Entry opens on June 20, 2018. The closing date is August 15, 2018.
  2. The winners will be announced after August 15, 2018
  3. Teledyne Marine may exclude images from the top 10 if there is reason to suspect cheating in the voting process.
  4. By submission of images, the Participants grant Teledyne Marine a non-exclusive right to use the content for promotional use.
  5. All submitted photos must show a situation where Teledyne Marine products are being used.
  6. Teledyne Marine may cancel this competition and amend these terms and conditions without notice in the event of circumstances outside their control. Teledyne Marine also reserve the right at their sole discretion to extend the closing date for a reasonable period of time where an insufficient number of the entries received have satisfied the entry and judging criteria.
  7. By their participation, the Participants warrant that they have the full intellectual proprietary rights to the uploaded content.
  8. Teledyne Marine employees cannot take part in the Teledyne Marine Photo Contest 2018.
  9. Videos and images that have been submitted to any previous competition held by any of the Teledyne Marine brands cannot enter the competition, without permission from Teledyne Marine.
  10. Entry into the competition is acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Privacy Notice

Please read our privacy notice carefully as it contains important information about who we are, how and why we collect and process your personal information and your rights in relation to your personal information. You can read it here >


If you experience any problems with the contest website please contact us at info[at]